Glen Holme Dohnes - the productive package

  • Glen Holme Dohnes
    Family Owned

    we’ve been breeding wooled sheep since 1946, and Dohnes since 2006.

  • Glen Holme Dohnes
    Top Genetics

    we continually seek top genetics to further improve our Dohnes, focussing on our breeding objectives.

  • Glen Holme Dohnes

    offering the best 105 registered Dohne rams at our Annual On-Property Auction provides clients with a wide choice of rams from multiple sire lines.

  • Glen Holme Dohnes
    Quality Assured

    OJD vaccinated, Brucellosis Free, performance recorded with Sheep Genetics Australia.

  • Glen Holme Dohnes

    reigning National Champion Dohne Ram (Australian Sheep & Wool Show 2019), and numerous exciting results from Glen Holme Sires through various Sire Evaluation programs Australia wide.

  • Glen Holme Dohnes
    Commercially Focussed

    we select sheep on visual assessment, breeding values and raw measured data. We breed for ease of care and management, fertility, hardiness and doing ability. All our sheep, including rams for sale, are paddock reared to ensure they can perform in commercial farming situations.


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The Dohne Sheep Breed


The Dohne Merino is a dual purpose merino developed by the South Africa Department of Agriculture using Peppin-Based Merino ewes and German Mutton sires.