April 2019

Excitement was felt here as the eagerly awaited lambs arrived from our November AI and Embryo transfer programmes. We had good success with ET, over 60% of recipients lambed, but the AI result was astounding. More than 115% of lambs were tagged for the ewes mated. The combination of external sires used alongside some of our own proven rams will give us a robust test of top genetics.

We featured an outstanding ram at Karoonda Farm Fair early in April. He drew a lot of attention due to his length of body, structure and heavy fleece that is naturally lustrous and stylish. He is our 2019 drop entry in the Balmoral (Vic) Sire evaluation trial. The ram is Glen Holme 162503, and his Balmoral evaluation trial lambs are due in Spring. We have tagged his second group of lambs at Glen Holme now, and we will use him more widely in the future.