April 2023

Our family strongly supported the South Australian Sheep Expo held at Wayville Showgrounds in Adelaide. We provided four animals for participants to care for and display as they learned many aspects of sheep breeding, showing and nutrition as well as skills like shearing for the older groups. This event showcases many of the different breeds of sheep that form our national industry.

This year the SA Sheep Expo hosted about 140 young people from 12 to 23 years old for three days, facilitated by many adult helpers, supporters and sponsors. Congratulations to the committee for your energy and enthusiasm. We look forward to next year’s Expo.

Shearing our ewes was achieved prior to the start of lambing, which began with ewes segregated into sire groups for ease of accurate mothering up. All breeding values are built on the foundation of pedigree; and accuracy is paramount to predictability.

With season opening rains coming early, some of our permanent pastures have already shown growth. This builds on good Spring rains that extended late into 2022.

This year we returned to mating ewe lambs and also used ram lambs as sires to speed up the utilisation of fresh genetics from our last ET program.

We have put a group of 3 ram lambs by a Noorla ram from WA out in a group of Dohne ewes because we could see their potential; good, safe bodies combined with stylish wool.