August 2015

With strong interstate interest in our hoggets we have been busy providing photographs and information about them.
The display team at Crystal Brook Show included both Sires that we have used and the very best of our 2014 drop rams which have been reserved for our use and sales. Two fleeces were also taken to Crystal Brook Show, and were awarded ribbons for Champion Dohne Ram Fleece and Champion Dohne Ewe Fleece
Grading of our Sale team and decisions relating to lotting order are well underway, with our catalogue due to be available by early September. It will be available on our website and the Sheep Genetics website by following the Sheep Genetics>Dohne>Sale Catalogues pathway, or by contacting us directly we will be able to supply a file of the Sale Rams, complete with full parentage, ASBV’s and Dohne Index.