December 2017

Grain harvest was completed by Christmas. Much was achieved in the last two weeks, in comparison to the previous three that were interrupted by significant rains each week. There was some downgrading of grain quality because of the rains, but the biggest effect was due to lack of growing season rainfall.

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November 2017

Each year this month sees us complete our sheep work prior to harvest starting. These tasks include putting rams with ewes after planning the whole program. Our best young ewes were used for a laparoscopic AI programme, going to several high performance proven outside Sires, and one of our own. The rams used were:- Kintail

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October 2017

October has seen us deliver rams to clients, classing of ewe hoggets for clients, crutching and selecting ewes for our upcoming AI program.

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September 2017

Earning the Champion Dohne fleece at the Royal Adelaide Show was very pleasing. The fleece was from the Prematurely Shorn ewe class, yet its weight and quality put it above other class winners. Final lotting order for the sale rams was decided and the catalogue added to our website. The Glen Holme On-Property Auction held

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August 2017

Our recorded data was processed by Sheep Genetics, and we continue to see our Sires, Dams and young sheep at the very top in Australia. We spend huge amounts of time collecting this data and some of it requires paying a service provider. We also spend many weeks planning the next year’s breeding programme. Using

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July 2017

It came in cold and wet in early July, and stayed that way. Joy and Allen drove to Bendigo for the Australian Sheep and Wool Show. We met with Industry leaders and other breeders. It gave us a chance to see what was being displayed at the show. We shore the 2016 drop ewes, and

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June 2017

As part of fulfilling responsibilities as part of being a member of Dohne Council, Allen travelled with some other Council members to Armidale in NSW. We met with representatives of Sheep Genetics Australia and also The Sheep CRC. Whilst there we led another Dohne Breeders Roadshow. This was to share information about possible changes to

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May 2017

Attendance at Pooncarie Field Day in NSW allowed us to showcase our Dohne sheep to people from the Western Division around the River Darling. We entered the Merino lamb competition, and took out first prize, even with ewe lambs! Our entry of 3 lambs were very even and well muscled, averaging 55 kg. Another highlight

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April 2017

Karoonda Farm Fair proved to be a good opportunity to showcase our sheep and promote the attributes and benefits of the Dohne breed. We also caught up with a number of our clients from the area. We took 3 ewe lambs and a grown ram for display. The ewe lambs were only taken out of

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March 2017

March has been a busy month both on and off the farm. Allen attended the Leading Breeder Forum in Melbourne. This was hosted and run by Sheep Genetics Australia. It was both informative and motivational and also a good opportunity to learn from breeders of Terminal and Maternal rams. We shore our mature ewes the

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