2019 Wool harvest

December 2019

We finished our grain harvest without major incident and were pleased with yields and quality for the rain we received during the growing season. Our sheep are appreciating stubble feed. We sold a Sire to another stud after using him over some maiden ewes. He will become a Link sire because he is used in […]

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2019 Worker Rams

November 2019

We made individual selections for mating all our ewes, and rams were added. We shore the worker rams and lambs born in June/July 2019. Grain Harvest came early and we had finished all but the wheat crops by the end of November. It is amazing what can be produced in the Gilbert Valley on not

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October 2019

We were able to cut and bale our hay for both our own requirements and some for export to Asian countries. Rams were delivered to their new homes. Allen classed more young ewes. Our wool specialist advisor came to inspect our sires and class our maiden ewes.

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September 2019

Early in the month Allen was able to have a flying visit to Western Australia to enjoy a catch up with some of the Dohne stud breeders, attend a couple of Auctions, and visit a few farms to see some sheep. It was good to get the WA perspective after seeing some of the New

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2019 Weaned lambs

August 2019

We weaned our early group of lambs bred through AI or Embryo transfer. They are already showing the depth of muscling and twist that can be found here. We were awarded the Champion Dohne fleece at the Royal Adelaide Show. This had been grown by one of our Sires. He is Glen Holme 162503, and

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Glen Holme AJK 172565

July 2019

Going to the Sheep and Wool show in Bendigo has been memorable for the companionship of the other Dohne Breeders sharing the events in our Marquee, and for some measure of success. Our 2 year old ram was awarded National Champion. The Stock Journal featured a report from the sale – Judges heap praise on

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June 2019

We finished planting our winter crop. Good rains have come for us and feed is becoming more plentiful. Backup lambing commenced late in June. Preparations for our participation at the Australian sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo are proceeding with our team of four rams looking good. We have tagged lambs from three of these

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May 2019

We have been blessed with good rains. The land comes back to life, and fresh grass grows. Our trip to Pooncarie Field day on the lower Darling River in NSW gave us greater insight in to the variability of seasons. Some stations had received good rains while other had measured very little. People told us

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April 2019

Excitement was felt here as the eagerly awaited lambs arrived from our November AI and Embryo transfer programmes. We had good success with ET, over 60% of recipients lambed, but the AI result was astounding. More than 115% of lambs were tagged for the ewes mated. The combination of external sires used alongside some of

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Disply at South East Field Days 2019

March 2019

Three major activities occurred this month. Our display at Lucindale featured a Dohne Sire who has been accepted in the 2019 Sire Evaluation at Balmoral in Victoria. He has a rich, stylish fleece on a superb frame and has a balance of growth rate and fleece weight. This is evidenced by his having top 10%

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