December 2020

This month was dedicated to harvesting our grain crops while our sires were out with their allocated ewe mobs. Rams were removed soon after Christmas. 

There is a large amount of excitement here with 3 Glen Holme Sires listed in the top 20 proven Dohne sires in Australia. These have all been tested over a good number of progeny in multiple flocks.

One of these sires also appears in the all-time list of Merino Superior Sires publication #26. He is the only Dohne in the top 50 rams in the Dual Purpose + index, and at ranking 18, has surpassed all other rams from the Central, Mid North, Yorke Peninsula and Mallee regions in South Australia. This is solely through the tested performance of a large group of his daughters who are now over 4 years old and have weaned lambs from 3 matings. These lambs have been weighed and measured as weaners.  The ewes fleece quality and production are also measured annually. This evaluation is at the Balmoral site, part of the AWI supported MLP project.

Happy New Year to you all.