Glen Holme Dohne Solutions

Welcome to Glen Holme DOHNE Solutions.

On this page you will be able to browse, and download documents articles and links that will help you understand the breed and highlight ways in which Dohnes can be a solution to some of your sheep and enterprise issues.

DOHNE Solutions is a series of articles, which aim to address the real or perceived challenges for Dohne Breeders.


Bare Breech

Biosecurity **NEW

How Dohnes can help with farm biosecurity.

Breed More Ewes **NEW

The need to breed more ewes and HOW Dohnes have a place.

Flock Recovery & Rebuild

A proactive and strategic plan to assist your flock's return to profitiability following drought.


Foot Structure

Horsepower of Rams **NEW

Understand the 'horsepower' of rams before purchasing. Similar to studying and comparing specifications on machinery, using ASBV's gives greater understanding of the genetic influence of a ram on his progeny.

Importance of Fat

The importance of fat for a wool growing sheep enterprise.


A proactive approach to using genetics to negate the need to use Mulesing as a strategy to reduce the risk of flystrike.

New Ram Integration


Wool Quality Challenges

Wool Cut

Understanding ASBV's

A guide to understanding the Dohne ASBV's (Australian Sheep Breeding Values)

Glen Holme Dohnes Brochure

A brochure outlining key aspects of the Dohne Breed and benefits of Glen Holme Dohnes.