March 2019

Three major activities occurred this month.
Our display at Lucindale featured a Dohne Sire who has been accepted in the 2019 Sire Evaluation at Balmoral in Victoria. He has a rich, stylish fleece on a superb frame and has a balance of growth rate and fleece weight. This is evidenced by his having top 10% status for Post Weaning Weight and Clean Fleece Weight.
We also showcased the results, to date, of the 2018 drop at Balmoral featuring another Glen Holme sire. The latest published charts of information from the MPL 2016 drop of ewes was available. This was testament to all the claims about Dohnes; they grow quickly, have high quality fine wool, and are very fertile.

Disply at South East Field Days 2019

Allen attended the Leading Breeder Conference in Dubbo, hosted by Sheep Genetics Australia. This was motivational, with many high-quality speakers and presenters. Leading breeders from various sheep types and breeds were able to gather to share application of the latest tools to promote genetic gain whilst honouring animal welfare needs and addressing social concerns.
Shearing our mature ewes occurred in the last week of the month. The quality was very pleasing when you consider the dry season and shortage of feed. This is testament to the “do-ability” of Dohnes, and a tremendous combination to go with their growth rates and fertility.
It is a good time to be a woolgrower.