March 2023

We attended Field Days at both Lucindale in the South East of South Australia and Karoonda in the Murray Mallee. Both these regions are significant centres for our clients. We displayed one sire who is having 2022 drop progeny evaluated at 3 AMSEA trial sites, and 2 ewes, both daughters of Glen Holme 162503 who was a high performer in the 2019 Balmoral trial.

We met clients who told of their experiences; one had a 180% weaning rate from his 3-year old ewes after 115% as maidens, followed by 165% as 4-year old ewes.

Another client had recently received a gross total of $230.49 average for their wether lambs and there was also a fleece to sell.

Wool tests were taken on the 2022 drop of ewes and rams with an average of 18.4 microns.