October 2015

Delivery of rams to the Mallee and South East Districts of South Australia has meant several trips and days away from home. These days are valuable because we see clients in their own setting.
We were given the opportunity to purchase a whole Dohne Stud when the owners had sold their land and were retiring from sheep breeding activities. Upon inspection of the sheep we made the decision to bring the Jelmagh Dohnes into our own flock for the future. We were pleased with their quality of breeding that comes from a lifetime of experience.
We wish Peter and Helen Ashby well for their plans to enjoy retirement, and we thank them for the opportunity to buy mature ewes, ewe hoggets, the entire 2015 lamb drop and a proven sire.
October is the month when much time is allocated to make good plans for both natural mating and an Artificial Insemination program. AI is the method of choice to get some fresh genetics to a selection of the best ewes when the ram is not for sale.