October 2018

Selection of our high performing Donor ewes for an Embryo Transfer Program next month is complete. Much thought and research has gone into this process, and the ewes have been inspected multiple times since weaning. We will run a modest AI program at the same time.
Delivery of rams purchased at our On-Property Auction is largely complete.
After weaning lambs, we crutch both the ewes and lambs. This allows us to collect Dag and Urine Stain scores for submission to Sheep Genetics. We now have provided enough data for our stud to have Research Breeding Values (RBV’s) switched on. These can be publicly accessed in a search of our flock, stud number 510184.
If you wish to have some coaching as to how to navigate the Sheep Genetics Dohne Merino Site, we are willing to help you. Please contact Allen, Lauren or Damien.