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Glen Holme Dohnes trifold brochure available now. A brochure outlining key aspects of the Dohne Breed and benefits of Glen Holme Dohnes. Download.
Real Production is Genetic Production - improvements in production come from the ability of key sires and dams to pass on their productive traits to their progeny. Animals need to perform in both ideal, and less than ideal conditions, and selecting the right genetics can allow this.  Read more
Determine the style of Dohne - it is your choice! - The style of Dohne that you purchase and or breed can be your choice. There is a lot of variation within traits in the Dohne population, and by using visual selection in combination with ASBV's, you have the ability to select animals to suit your breeding objectives. Read more
Generational Interval affects Progress - A short generational interval can be an effective tool in improving the genetic progress of a group of animals. Read more...
Bare Breech - a producer's perspective

Glen Holme seek to breed easier care sheep, by including a focus on bare breech animals amongst our breeding objectives. Bare breech animals have been sought as a better alternative and choice to mulesing. Whilst this initially stemmed from a response to perceived animal cruelty and the associated pressure from lobby groups, it has become part of the holistic approach to breeding and management. Read more…


Why use Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer programs?

We use top ewes and ram semen in an Embryo Transfer (ET) program to create a greater number of progeny than would be possible in a single year through natural mating. Read more...



Accommodation opportunities are located nearby within superb tourism regions.

Clare is 35km NW – and the Barossa Valley is 70km SE –