September 2020

Other than hosting our auction, we have been able to crutch and vaccinate the April/May drop weaners. This gave us an opportunity to assess them and also record their dag scores.

It was very reassuring to see the next lift in quality for the young sheep that will be available for sale in September next year. Of particular note were the progeny of three of our entries in Sire Evaluations. With a good start in life and spring rains we will be proud to present these ewes and rams in September 2021.

2020 Sale Results

Many thanks to all clients and bidders attending our On Property Auction on September 17th. Auctioneer Leo Redden from Nutrien Ag Solutions ran a lively sale resulting the top price of $3,200 being reached twice, and an overall average of $1585 for the 79 rams sold.
Indicative of the depth of choice in the lineup, it took until lots 62 and 85 for the equal top prices to be reached.
Darren O'Brien chose a son of the Glen Holme sire 162503 who is performing extremely well in the 2019 Balmoral Sire Evaluation. His progeny have shown very high growth whilst retaining the same wool cut as the average of his merino counterparts and being lower in both fibre diameter and coefficient of variation in fibre diameter. Lot 62 has a Dohne + Index of 175.9, a PEMD of 1.56, YCFW of 18.5 which are all top 10% trait leaders and a YSL of 4.98 which is in the top 20%.
D & J Rich in Victoria, acting through family in SA, purchased lot 85, with a Dohne + Index of 175.2, with a PEMD of 1.7, both being trait leaders.
Volume buyers the Hawthorne family took home 11 carefully chosen rams that fit the vision for their business.
The Sherriff family secured 8 rams to continue their Dohne journey.
Kernchen and Co who have come with us and our Dohnes from early on purchased 7.
Mardango Props were also successful with 7.
Of the107 commercial ewe hoggets that made $250, more than half were born as twins or triplets. These went to the Rich family.
We were able to provide prospective clients with ASBV's for EBCOV, LDAG, PSC and YSL. These are beyond the mandatory Dohne requirements.
Thanks to everyone for respecting Covid guidelines and requirements.

2020 Auction top priced rams

Allen Kelly, Glen Holme Dohne Stud pictured with top priced rams, both selling for $3200, Darren O’Brien, Kyancutta, Leo Redden Auctioneer Nutrien Ag Solutions, Daniel Hansen and Katie Rich who acted on behalf of D&J Rich, Serviceton VIC.