September 2016

Lotting order and details of Sale rams went out early in the month as promised. Strong winds and heavy rain disrupted preparations for sale day.

It certainly was a challenging month. Indeed the whole year has been a difficult time for sheep; especially young ones. Most producers in South Australia observed dry conditions in autumn, with a late opening rain which led to slow pasture growth. This was followed by a cold, wet winter and stock did not do well. Rams were only just beginning to “bloom” by sale day. Several weeks of wet weather pre-ceded our Auction. 171 mm of rain fell here in September, more than twice average!

None-the-less, we managed to have rams (nearly) dry. We sold 66 rams at auction, to a top of $2,500, and an average of $1,266. The top priced lot 13 went to long term clients Indoota Pastoral Co from nearby Riverton. We offered some ewe hoggets for sale as well, these were bought by existing clients. Delivery of rams and the ewe hoggets began to local and Mallee areas.

We were buffeted by the storms, drenched by another 110 mm, and experienced the electricity blackout in the final week of the month.