September 2018

“You can have your cake and eat it too” has been our strong message to the sheep industry this year.
With extremely high prices for both wool and sheep meat, who would not want the ‘best of both worlds’?
In his welcoming remarks to clients and visitors to our On-Property Auction, Stud Principal Allen Kelly even ventured that you can also have your “steak” as well, because the high fertility of the Dohne gives plenty of lambs for sale and, importantly, plenty of ewe hoggets to make choices from. It is this luxury of choice when classing young ewes that allows for flock improvement.
Of the 160 2017 drop ewes that we offered on Sale day, 68% of them were from multiple births, including triplets and two quads. Of the rams offered, 48% were multiples.
Sale results- 70 rams sold at Auction to $2800 and averaged $1465.
Our family extends our thanks to all our buyers and underbidders. We wish you all the best for the upcoming season. The date for our next On-Property Auction is 19th September 2019.