Our vision is to breed a hardy sheep that is highly fertile and has a balance of meat and wool characteristics that optimises profitability for our clients.

High weaning percentages are an expectation and our endeavour has been to produce wool with the right quality, style and nourishment so that our sheep suit both medium rainfall cropping areas as well as higher rainfall grazing districts. Our Dohnes have been performing well in pastoral zones also.

Sound structure of backs, shoulders, legs and feet is another high priority of ours, given that a self replacing ewe flock is one of the best features of the breed, and makes a huge impact on the profitability of a sheep enterprise.

Allen has been breeding and marketing Poll Merino sheep since 1974 and brings this wealth of expertise to the Glen Holme Dohne Stud. With this, we can offer an on farm classing and consultancy service for clients.

We have purchased the vast majority of our foundation ewes from studs at the time of their dispersals rather than buying surplus, low grade animals, and continue to build our ewe flock numbers with our own breeding program.

Although the stud was established in 2006, 2010 saw the first larger group of lambs born at Glen Holme. Each year brings an improvement in quality and a stabilisation of our type.

We regularly scour the nation to find the next generation of sires to add to our own, which meet our vision for the future, helping us breed and offer the best rams we can. We also use modern breeding technologies, including Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer Programmes, to improve the rate of genetic gain.