March 2024

Allen and Joy inspected both age groups at the Balmoral Sire Evaluation site in the Western Districts of Victoria. The display of hoggets included progeny of Glen Holme 206139, and as expected, they were very good for growth, fat and muscle. They were to be shorn the next week, with the fleece weights the last […]

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February 2024

Hot, dry conditions persisted for the month with no rainfall being recorded. Paddock feed is dry now. Joy and Allen attended the Dohne Sire Evaluation open day at Coonong station in the Riverina region in NSW. We have two rams with progeny there. Thanks to the Australian Dohne Breeders Association for your support of this

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January 2024

We shore some lines of sheep including our wether weaners who were then taken to a bean stubble to gain weight prior to sale, and some ewe hoggets that we will offer after preg-scanning in March.

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December 2023

We continued harvest, with Durum all assigned to go to the San Remo pasta manufacturer as the top grade. We celebrated 30 years of being a contracted grower. Harvest was completed before Christmas, before a cold change in the weather. The rain brought some green feed up. We put our selected Dohne rams out in

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November 2023

We got our hay baled in dry conditions with an excellent quality test. It had less than 1 mm of rain on it from cutting to carting. Grain harvest began following a dry Spring that severely limited yield, but quality was high. We sorted the stud ewes into mating groups. The publication of Merino Superior

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October 2023

Much of this month was spend delivering rams after our successful On Property Auction and take a sire to a facility for Export collection of semen for South American clients. We were able to shear more sheep prior to grass seed set and crutch other mobs. When we crutch, we often take Dag scores and

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September 2023

Our rams fleece was awarded the Champion Dohne Fleece at the Royal Adelaide Show. We weighed our sale rams in the week prior to auction. These paddock raised rams averaged 93kg with the heaviest coming in at 106kg. They were in exceptionally good condition. We sold 54 Dohne Merinos to $3,400 (twice) and averaged $1,428.

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August 2023

We were able to class and shear our Dohne Merino yearlings after taking staple length and other wool observations. Our new Dohne Merino sire arrived from the O’Brien flock. We decided the lotting order of our sale rams and began preparation of the catalogue.

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July 2023

We finished planting all our winter crops except for a late paddock of barley. Visual scores and measurements were recorded for some groups of young sheep. These scores help build up our data and are evident as Australian Sheep Breeding Values. Whilst not compulsory in the Dohne breed, we have chosen to provide additional information

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June 2023

Good rains continued, and seeding was fitted in around trafficability in paddocks. We are blessed by the good rains in early 2023. We marked our stud and commercial Dohne lambs, recording breech scores. After ten years of experience with electronic ID tags in our stud sheep, and with compulsory eID coming soon, we have chosen

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