December 2014

This year is showing the depth and quality of the Glen Holme breeding programme.

Estimated Breeding Values (EBV’s) and the Dohne Index can never tell the whole story of our animals, so we invite visits and inspections from people so they can see for themselves the top individuals and even-ness of whole mobs of our Dohne sheep.

The Sheep Genetics website encompasses all Australian bred Dohnes. Here are some facts gleaned from searches of that dataset as of 20th December 2014.

  • Our top sire has remained unchallenged as the top ranked Dohne Sire since April 2014. He was purchased as a ram lamb in 2010 and is Pinedale 100358 (5100292010100358) The Sheep Genetics default search parameters are:-
    1. Registered Sire of 25 or more progeny.
    2. Used in 2 or more flocks with current drop progeny.
  • Pinedale 100358 spent much of 2013 climbing steadily up the ranks of the top 10 Sires in Australia, and has 2 generations of progeny.
  • We have bred 4 of the top 20 registered dams with 2 or more lambs out of a list that includes 33,791 dams.
  • Of our ewe lambs, there are 2 in the top 5 and 4 in the top 20 of 54,302 ewes on the database.
  • Of our ram lambs, we have 2 in the top 10, and 7 in the top 20 of 86,787 rams listed in that dataset.

The time has come for us to benchmark our genetics against others, and we have entered up-and-coming young sires in two national evaluation trials recently.

Enquiries and inspections are always welcome by arrangement with us.