July 2014

Allen and Joy attended Lambex in Adelaide from 9th -11th . This was an extremely successful forum with a huge attendance of stakeholders involved with sheep and lamb industries. Joy spent most of the time staffing the Dohne display on behalf of the SA Breeders group and met visitors, distributed promotional material and spoke about the benefits of the breed.

Allen was able to attend some sessions and found it informative, motivational and encouraging. As the forum progressed, the important characteristics of the Dohne as a Maternal breed became more apparent. A Maternal breed is one where the female progeny are retained as breeders for the production of terminal lambs from sires like Poll Dorset or White Suffolk rams. If these ewes are dual purpose, then both carcase and wool attributes are profit drivers; this is where the Dohne ewe has a good fit.

Allen wrote an article about the maternal value of Dohne ewes, which has been picked up on the Australian Dohne Breeders Association website, but can be viewed here.