July 2020

A key performance indicator for any sire is for his progeny to be stable in type and to breed a replacement that is better than himself. We were delighted to find such a successor amongst the first group of lambs from our Champion Dohne ram from the Bendigo Show in 2019. We will use this up-and-coming new sire, Glen Holme 195281 as soon as possible in our stud breeding programme.

This group of lambs were born in June and July last year, meaning the National Champion ram had already proven himself under single sire, paddock mating conditions.

The format of the 2019 Bendigo Show judging was “State of Origin”, so our entry Glen Holme 172565 was considered the best from South Australia. He then went on to be chosen above all other rams from Victoria and New South Wales. Lambs from 172565 will be born at Balmoral in August.