June 2021

Finally, some rains have come to germinate the annual pasture species, feeding hay has continued to support requirements.

We shore our June/July 2020 drop lambs and were extremely impressed with their body and wool types. Probably the best group of lambs we have ever produced. Wool styles and quality are a joy to see.

Lauren and Allen attended the Sheep Genetics Australia Regional Forum in Adelaide. This was a gathering of Meat and Livestock Australia staff, service providers and stud sheep breeders from Merino, Dohne, Terminal, Composite Maternal and Cleanskin flocks. It was an exceptional opportunity to hear the current and future opportunities to advance the profitability of sheep producers, informal discussions were a real highlight of the day. It was a rare opportunity to meet with a broad spectrum of highly motivated, progressive industry leaders.

Our pre-sale visit from Nutrien Stud Stock staff Gordon Wood and our Auctioneer Leo Redden highlighted our growth in numbers and quality that will be available on Sale day in September. We will offer Stud ewes for the first time, including both hoggets and proven dams.