March 2020

Allen, Lauren and Damien travelled to Victoria for the 2020 Balmoral Sire Evaluation Group Field Day, where we were able to inspect the progeny from two of our sires, Glen Holme 151450 and Glen Holme 162503. This was a great opportunity to test the Glen Holme genetics in a different environment, and against Merino and Poll Merino types. Not surprisingly, both sire groups performed as a Dohne would be expected, with excellent growth rates at all stages measured. Fleece quality on the Glen Holme 151450 progeny was pleasing. Glen Holme 162503 progeny were clearly frontrunners for growth rate. Their wool has stood the environmental testing and structural conformation was outstanding. Despite an 84% incidence of twins in the pen, growth rates were a long way clear of any other group. Additional results were available for the 2016 MLP Project where Glen Holme 141077 was a sire.

Balmoral Sire Evaluation Group Field Day 2020

The 20th and 21st of March would have been when we travelled to Lucindale for the South East Field Days, however, following Government directions, this event was cancelled. We missed the opportunity to meet with many of our clients, and look forward to catching up in the future.

Shearing our Rams, Ewes and youngest drop of 2019 lambs happened this month. It was really encouraging looking at the progression of our wools, following our focus in breeding for better woolled Dohnes. Each year with this focus, improvements are noticeable. This was also our first shearing where we were able to brand our bales with the Authentico brand. Authentico is an integrity scheme from the Schneider Group which ensures a transparent supply chain from farm gate to wool tops, making use of existing standards, best practices and legislations honoured by wool growers already, and allowing the wool to be fully traceable along the entire supply chain. These on farm standards and practices include animal welfare, environmental protection.