August 2021

We catalogued our sale rams much earlier than usual this year ahead of photographing and videoing them for an Auctions Plus interface with our Auction on Sept 16th.

A late break to the season and a cold wet winter has affected all young sheep in our region. Being purely paddock raised does allow the identification of the best genetic performers. Now that feed supply is greater and days a little warmer the sale sheep are booming.

Exposure to all environmental challenges means that we sell fit, ready to work rams.

For the first time we are offering young registered stud ewes that have recently been weaned for sale at our auction. These are 2018 and 2019 drops.

We will also offer some registered stud ewe hoggets for auction. These stud ewes will be offered after the rams.

We have been notified that our fleece entry at the Royal Adelaide Show wool section has been awarded Champion Dohne Fleece for 2021.