February 2023

Along with others in our district, we finally finished a big harvest. We preg scanned ewes and fat and muscle scanned young sheep, ewes and rams.

Joy and Allen attended the Balmoral Sire Evaluation Field Day at “Austral Park” near Hamilton Victoria where both the 2021 and 2022 drops were on display. Allen attended the Classing Masterclass and found it helpful with lively discussion at the classing race.

“Austral Park” had recorded over 700mm of rain in the previous year. Most lines of hoggets had survived this challenge well; we were very pleased with ours from Glen Holme 194902.

The Glen Holme 206139 lambs born in August 2022 were almost the heaviest group and were notably well rounded with good body conformation and breech trait scores.

Allen and Joy in the pen of 206139 lambs at “Austral Park” Tarrenlea, Victoria.