March 2014

Early in March, Glen Holme stud principal Allen Kelly took part in the Dohne National Roadshow for the South Australian and Western Australian gatherings of breeders. Forward planning concepts were put to stud breeders at these meetings, and common positive, cooperative agreements were reached to advance the Dohne Merino breed in Australia. Allen’s involvement was …

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February 2014 – Client Evaluation

A client was challenged to evaluate the value of Merino and Dohne rams within their flock. The measurements, taken at approximately 10 months, showed that the Dohne cross lambs cut approx 1kg/head more wool and had body weights approximately 8-9kg each more than the control group of Merino lambs. Ewe groups were chosen to be …

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December 2013

Congratulations to Indoota Pastoral Co, Riverton SA, who topped the First Cross Ewe Lamb section of the Mount Pleasant Market, November 27th 2013, with a price of $182 per head. The mothers of these lambs were all sired by Glen Holme rams. This self-replacing flock has used Glen Holme Merino blood rams exclusively for more …

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November 2013

We have just completed another Embryo Transfer (ET) program where 7 ewes that we consider to be elite were used as donor ewes. The preparation process for the donor ewes and recipient ewes was intensive for several weeks, preparing the donors for super-ovulation and then artificial insemination (AI), followed by a busy day harvesting embryos …

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October 2013

There have been significant changes to the Dohne Merino grading system in 2013. These have been chosen by the Australian Dohne Breeders Association (ADBA). No longer is there a dual grading of rams available for public auction ie. the former AA or A grades. From now on, a sheep is either Registered as a Dohne …

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September 2013

>> 2013 Sale Report: “Glen Holme sells to $3300” We will be at the Yorke Peninsula Field Days, Paskeville, September 24th, 25th & 26th. Please call in at Site #420 Cunliffe Road – shared site with Australian Wool Network.