October 2016

We get a great deal of pleasure when our clients do well with their livestock. One of our long term clients recently offered 1,200 wether lambs on Auctions plus, and was happy with the result. For the second year in a row, another client of ours bought a line of these; they had finished very well on pasture only last year, and performed well over the hooks.

Jamestown market is the biggest centre for selling breeding ewes in South Australia North of Adelaide. At the 6th October market, the highest priced line for the day was a small pen of just 46 F2 Dohne ewes from Glen Holme clients Indoota Pastoral Co at Riverton. The buyer, a Stock Agent from Keith SA, described them over the phone to his client as “clearly the best ewes in the market” These surplus ewe hoggets made $205 per head in what was described as a hard market in the Agents report. Glen Holme clients are well rewarded in the marketplace. It is particularly pleasing to see our longest term clients doing so well.

Recording of the most promising weaner lambs and mothers has given us a look at the high performing dams. This is an important phase in choosing key mothers in the up-coming breeding programme.

More deliveries of rams have allowed us to make brief farm visits.

The wet spring has ensured ample pasture growth for the first time in 5 years.