December 2014

This year is showing the depth and quality of the Glen Holme breeding programme. Estimated Breeding Values (EBV’s) and the Dohne Index can never tell the whole story of our animals, so we invite visits and inspections from people so they can see for themselves the top individuals and even-ness of whole mobs of our […]

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November 2014

We have seen the success of our 3 Embryo Transfer programs in November of 2011, 2012 and 2013 and we know the quality of the livestock produced. We are now in a position, from both the quantity and quality aspects, to enter into negotiations from both domestic and overseas, for Export Quality frozen embryos to

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October 2014

Delivery of rams to clients in the South East of SA has been a focus for this month. We happily deliver rams purchased at our on-property auction to clients who have travelled significant distances and have made prior arrangements for this. Crutching of all our ewes is now completed with an unrivalled opportunity to see

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September 2014

We are delighted to have received some Champion Awards for our Dohne Fleece at the Royal Adelaide Show. This is the first year that there have been competitive classes for Dohne Merino wool there, and it follows being awarded Champion Dohne Fleece at Crystal Brook in August with a different entry. Crystal Brook is a

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August 2014

Glen Holme was one of eight studs participating in the inaugural South Australian Dohne Sire day at Crystal Brook show on August 9th. We took two sires and six of the best young rams from the 2013 drop. We also entered some ewe fleeces and won the Champion Dohne Merino Ewe fleece. This was the

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July 2014

Allen and Joy attended Lambex in Adelaide from 9th -11th . This was an extremely successful forum with a huge attendance of stakeholders involved with sheep and lamb industries. Joy spent most of the time staffing the Dohne display on behalf of the SA Breeders group and met visitors, distributed promotional material and spoke about

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June 2014

Lambing- Many of our clients are reporting excellent results from their flocks using Dohne rams this season. The early rains in South Australia have proven to be a bonus for producers. We have had reports of overall percentages as high as 118% and 130%, and Dohne cross Merino maidens at 116%. People are very happy

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May 2014

Our young sheep have been classed ready for shearing in early June. The Classer’s comments were favourable and mentioned our progress and obvious concentration on breeding sheep with good feet. We hosted a Bred Well Fed Well workshop with 20 participants. Bred Well Fed Well is an aspect of Making More from Sheep, and is

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April 2014

Glen Holme clients have made the sale topping news again with wether lambs in Dublin sale yards, making $165 per head and their wool had sold for 750c/kg. These wethers were about 9 months old. Happy clients.

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March 2014

Early in March, Glen Holme stud principal Allen Kelly took part in the Dohne National Roadshow for the South Australian and Western Australian gatherings of breeders. Forward planning concepts were put to stud breeders at these meetings, and common positive, cooperative agreements were reached to advance the Dohne Merino breed in Australia. Allen’s involvement was

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