December 2015

At Glen Holme we have finished our grain harvest, despite breaks due to extreme weather conditions that lead to days of high fire danger. Many producers in our area have been thankful for the income streams from their livestock enterprises and have indicated that they will increase their breeding ewe flock. In all things, balance […]

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November 2015

We completed the second trip to the South East of South Australia to bring the remainder of the Jelmagh Stud sheep home to be relocated at Glen Holme. This extended our crutching season as we now have another 133 lambs, 48 ewe hoggets and 109 stud ewes. Hay making and carting was both early and

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October 2015

Delivery of rams to the Mallee and South East Districts of South Australia has meant several trips and days away from home. These days are valuable because we see clients in their own setting. We were given the opportunity to purchase a whole Dohne Stud when the owners had sold their land and were retiring

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September 2015

Our On-Property Auction was the best so far. We sold 63 of 76 to a top of $4200, averaging $1510. The top 2 rams were full ET brothers and went to other studs. No. 2 made $3200. Most buyers had bought our sheep before, but it was also pleasing to have new buyers come, many

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August 2015

With strong interstate interest in our hoggets we have been busy providing photographs and information about them. The display team at Crystal Brook Show included both Sires that we have used and the very best of our 2014 drop rams which have been reserved for our use and sales. Two fleeces were also taken to

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July 2015

There has been a review of the formulation of the National Dohne index with a strengthening of the weightings for growth rate and muscle. None-the-less the 50% percentile has barely changed and now sits at 128.2. Glen Holme sheep have shown that they still rank well under the new formula, and we have observed that

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June 2015

The style of Dohne that you purchase and or breed can be your choice. There is a lot of variation within traits in the Dohne population, and by using visual selection in combination with ASBV’s, you have the ability to select animals to suit your breeding objectives. Shearing of all our 2014 drop ewes and

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May 2015

Attendance at the Outback Field Day in Pooncarie, NSW, in early May means we have been able to meet with some of our pastoral clients in the area, and show others our sheep. Crop seeding has begun.

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April 2015

Stud lambing is now complete with the mothering up process finalised. This has allowed us to do the individual tagging and make good observations about family traits in both sire and dam lines. Three rains have brought a start to the growing season and we can steadily wind back the use of supplementary feeding after

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March 2015

We have attended Field Days at Lucindale in the South East of South Australia and Karoonda in the Murray Mallee region, talking with current and prospective clients, showing them what we have to offer and also the results we have achieved in the last 12 months with wool sales, surplus sheep sales, and prime lamb

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