November 2020

In October and November we have enjoyed meeting many of our clients at their properties.

Sometimes this has been to class lines of ewe hoggets, at other times it has been to deliver rams following our Auction in September or subsequent private sales or selections.

We are grateful for all the encouragement from you in support of our striving towards breeding the most productive sheep for us all. We look forward to providing a large selection of high quality rams with good genetic diversity next September.

We have already scanned this year’s ram lambs for fat and eye muscle depth at just six months of age. This is a result of our belief that our clients want early maturing lambs that can be ideally presentable for sale at a similar age. They have been shorn and turned out on dryland pasture for summer and autumn. At these times we were able to make observations to go with the raw measurements. With yearling assessments and wool quality data to come in April and May 2021, the picture will be complete, and once processed, ASBV’s will be generated by Sheep Genetics Australia to guide purchasing choices.

We have made individual mating selection decisions for all our mature, proven stud ewes to specific sires, based on our knowledge of the strengths of each ewe and ram. All these decisions are made in line with our aim of breeding the most efficient, productive and profitable sheep.

Lambs are due in late April and May in 2021.